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All my handmade custom greeting cards, stationary boxes, apparel, signs & much more are one-of-a-kind and created for all occasions, therefore it would be very difficult to sell them online however you can stop by or give me a call to order a customized item!

All my greeting cards are created with acid free paper and industry standard inks, paints, and dyes.  A variety of designs and colors, and of course customized requests, are available for your enjoyment!  All greetings and sentiments can be interchanged in designed cards depending on your preference. 

Please keep in mind that my cards are handmade and therefore each unique in its own way.  I strive for clean and aesthetically pleasing results.  All products used are of the highest quality and meant to last with proper care.  Watercolor and alcohol ink hand painted selections are not meant to be displayed in direct sunlight for any length of time unless you request a UV resistant sealant. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or specific requests.

One view of the brick and mortar store in Chester, NJ
Customizations that can be performed
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