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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is HandmadeByMelinda Located?
    20 Main Street Chester, NJ 07930 Open |Tues - Sun| | 10AM - 5PM |
  • Are all of your greeting cards hand made?
    Yes, every card is designed and made through a careful process by Melinda herself!
  • How are your greeting cards made?
    All my greeting cards are created with acid free paper and industry standard inks, paints, and dyes. A variety of designs and colors, and of course customized requests, are available for your enjoyment! All greetings and sentiments can be interchanged in designed cards depending on your preference.
  • Can I make my own greeting card?
    Yes! If you want to leave a lasting impression, or just give someone a card that's actually memorable, visit our Lets make a card Page for more information and pricing! P.S We provide all of the materials for each card/gift.
  • Can you make invitations?
    Absolutely! Custom invitations can only be accepted IN STORE. Thank you.
  • Can you add a photo to my card?
    No problem, she does it all of the time! If you're interested in having Melinda create a custom card for you check out the Custom Order's page or visit the store. You can also contact Melinda via email or phone with any questions/orders you may have.
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