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Melinda's Story

Our mission at HANDMADEBYMELINDA is to make a card they'll KEEP forever | Chester NJ
Our mission: Keep the card!

Melinda's first career was working in the medical records & coding department at St. Barnabas Medical Center in 1970.  This is where she met her husband, a general, vascular & bariatric surgeon. During this time she became a mother of two sets of twins, each set a boy and a girl, who would later make her a proud granny of 5!

Once her kids were a little older Melinda took a giant leap into entrepreneurship where she founded MLS Medical Billing Services as she recognized the increasing demand for competent medical billing to providers within the out-of-network surgical community. Her two youngest kids still run and operate her very successful company today.

Fast forward 40 years later, Melinda would discover a unique artform in the style of heartfelt greetings filled with intricate designs and personal touches.
Melinda's knowledge would soar through the roof due to the wonderful card making community on YouTube which she deeply expresses her gratitude towards daily.


On Christmas Day of 2022 Melinda's family surprised her with the blank palate that was 20 Main Street in Chester and the rest is history!


Fueled by her steadfast determination and unwavering belief in her craft, she started Handmade By Melinda, opening her doors to the public in April of 2023. With shelves adorned with a kaleidoscope of vibrant papers, ribbons, and embellishments, the store is quickly becoming a sanctuary for fellow enthusiasts and those seeking unique, handmade expressions of love and celebration.


Melinda's passion and dedication shines through in every meticulously crafted item she makes and is capturing the hearts of her customers every day!

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